Sage MAS 90 – Complete E-Commerce Solution

In today’s modern business world, everything is fast-paced, competition is stiff and trends tend to become very unpredictable. These factors result to higher risks and costs in running the actual site of the business. As the utilization of the internet has grown significantly over the years, many small to enterprise level companies started using the internet to do business. The Sage MAS 90 – e-Business module was designed to provide a complete e-Commerce solution for companies entering the internet business. This is a customizable solution which serves as a web-based inventory control and management software as well as a StoreFront system.Making use of a comprehensive e-Commerce system such as the Sage MAS 90 – eBusiness provides companies complete visibility around the world and enables them to do business easily and securely over the internet. Examples of internet-based businesses such as eBay and Amazon can run their business 24/7 by integrating an e-Commerce system with an ERP software. All transactions are literally done online through electronic data exchange, no need for phone calls, with just a few clicks you can now purchase online. Furthermore, customers can also check the status of their purchase, billing and shipment concerns, update their accounts and profiles as well as access the information they seek.eBusiness Manager is the complete e-Commerce solution for Sage MAS 90 ERP which makes up a powerful yet cost-effective e-Commerce system for your online business. One of the greatest advantages of integrating an e-Commerce solution with an ERP software is to have a seamless flow in the distribution of goods without the need for too much manual labor. The person in charge of the ERP system only needs to check the orders placed and does the necessary procedures to ensure that the ordered merchandises reach the customers on time. With eBusiness Manager, setting up your well-rounded e-Commerce system from scratch is fast and easy. Proving customers with a web-based access to your store allows them to easily and conveniently purchase the products they wanted thereby making them happy and satisfied.As a comprehensive e-Commerce system, the Sage MAS 90 – eBusiness Manager is made up of three applets (for B2C) which sets up your e-Commerce website store, the.order (for B2B) which allows your customers to purchase from your website and.inquiry which allows your customers manage their accounts in your site. Combining these three applets seamlessly brings your store over the internet and allows your customers to shop online conveniently. From the moment your customer places the order up to the moment of shipment of the merchandise, everything is being manage efficiently within the ERP system. No more worrying of the delivery shipment of wrong items or sending to the wrong addresses, with eBusiness Manager everything is hassle-free.The bottom line is, the Sage MAS 90 – eBusiness module is a complete e-Commerce solution for your online business. Everything is made simpler from setting up of your e-Commerce system down to the implementation. Inconsistencies of product deliveries are eliminated and you are able to run your online business 24 hours a day and seven days a week without the need to monitor it all the time because the ERP system does it for you. From placing the order up to the point of receiving the item, everything is done with ease.

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